Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Coed schools are better than single gender schools!

Learning Intention - We are learning how to plan and present a debate.
Success Criterias:
1. Select important facts from different websites to backup my information.
2. Use persuasive language.
3. Present the moot/topic > 1 minute or longer.
4. Follow the debate structure.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

My Explanation About Advent!

What is Advent?

Advent is a liturgical season that is started on the 4th Sunday
before Christmas day. Before Advent starts, it is important to prepare
for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Repenting is a very important thing we can do to prepare for Advent.
We can use Advent by thinking about  attitudes and what could be changed. We can do this by stopping and thinking before we do
something. We can also reflect on how much Jesus cares for us and
praise and thank him for all his good doings and ask Him for
guidance in our lives.  We can also have the choice to be thoughtful
about others and to pray or help those who are in need.
L.I: We are learning how to write a explanation.
S.C: I know I can do this when I write an explanation about Advent
and include ways how to prepare and use Advent.

Monday, 24 September 2018

The Police Arrives At The Scene!

The Police Arrives At The Scene

Police and Ambulance sirens were so loud that you could hear them coming to this big scene that took
place at Glide High School.                        
 “Is anyone there?”  The police shouted.
I would have said something but someone was beside me shivering in fear and I also couldn’t stand up
because I was underneath the teachers desk. The policeman then moved to the next room but I couldn’t
understand how he could see in the plane black dark.

Then a few minutes later the person beside me said  
 “You know I can hear you inhaling so heavily, right?”
  I then whispered “who are you?”then the voice next to me said
 “If you dare tell anyone that I am here I will haunt you.”.
I sat there in silence thinking if that was the killer of my best friend Jade Hallway. It was so sad to see her die.
She died from beating, violence and abuse. I saw the person kill her in the room I was in, I saw that unknown
person kill her. She was screaming in fear saying
  “Help me Carole help me!”
I can’t believe she was calling my name instead of her boyfriend Jacob, she always calls for him in her
dangerous times but this dangerous time she called for me. But who was that person beating her?
For sure it would have been a man because of the voice I heard shouting at her was a man’s voice.
Could it be Jacob? I wouldn’t understand if it was.  

The more I thought about it, the more I was tempted to run away to the police. But I felt dizzy and the
next thing I know I ran to the police but as soon as I saw the police my eyelids dropped and I saw nothing
but pitch black. When I woke up my eyes were shined from a bright light was I in heaven?...wait,
never mind it was just a torch. I had no idea where I was, I was guessing I was in the hospital because
I saw a nurse shining in my eye!

 “You wake up so easily, are you alright tho?”
 “Yes, but how did I get here, where am I, am I bleeding?” I said in fear.
 “No no no, just have a rest for now, we will all go to court and take you so you can tell them your story.”
I woke up and I was well dressed in a black dress with black heels. I was told to walk in a nice black
rhino jeep. We arrived at court!...I saw Jacob which was really interesting. The judge told asked me a few
questions. He told me to tell him my part of the story. I did he insisted that it must be Jacob that killed Jade
Hallway. He asked Jacob if it was him, Jacob didn’t answer until he told us he had a bad time with Jade so he
had to stop their bad times so he just did it.

A few days later I watched the news and I saw Jacob, it was on the breaking news point!
I was glad he was taken to jail and imprisoned! I just lived my happy life after.

By Pauline

L.I: We are learning to use a writing prompt to create an original narrative.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


L.I: Discuss and plan ways to encourage students to help our environment.